Neogradiensis Régió Egyesület

(Neogradiensis Region Association)

Mission of the Neogradiensis Régió Egyesület (Neogradiensis Region Association) is to protect and promote the economic, cultural and natural heritage at the cross-border region of Novohrad-Nógrád (Slovakia-Hungary). In order to reach its goals the Association is involved in working out development programmes, projects and organising events. Territory of operation is specified as Nógrád County (HU), in strong partnership with the districts of Poltár, Veľký Krtíš and Lucenec on the Slovakian side (managed by the Region Neogradiensis, z.p.o. in Lucenec). Specific fields of operation: improving the general image of the region, development of economy and tourism, strenthening educational and innovation relations, regional and spatial development, preservation of nature and natural waters, harmonisation of transport development, cooperation in the fields of social services and human development,  protection and promotion of common cultural and architectural heritage.